Earn an Online Associate's Degree in Psychology

The vast majority of psychology jobs require graduate level education. An associate’s degree serves as a basic introduction to the fundamentals. If you decide to get your degree online, make sure that the online school that you choose to attend awards transferable credits that you can apply toward a bachelor’s degree program in psychology.

Types of degrees

  • Associate of Arts (AA) in psychology has liberal arts classes to give you a broad educational background. The AA degree is the best choice if you plan to transfer your credits into a bachelor’s degree program.
  • Associate of Science (AS) in psychology has science, mathematics and computer classes to give you a technical education. However, the AS is very similar to the AA and can also be used to transfer into most bachelors programs.

Admissions requirements

Undergraduate admissions requirements vary by institution. Be sure to carefully research any admissions requirements before applying to a program.

Length of study

An associate's degree requires approximately 60-65 credit hours or about 2 years to complete.


Coursework for your degree will include introductory courses, possibly some statistics and research methods


The school should be accredited by an institution recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The best online psychology programs will also be accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). (The APA only accredits doctoral programs, but schools with this accreditation typically have high-quality undergraduate psychology programs.)

Job possibilities

Most jobs in the field of psychology require graduate level degrees. In order to increase your psychology-related job prospects, you should consider volunteering or doing an internship while studying for your AA or AS. Some jobs for which this degree might help you qualify:

  • staff member at a residential treatment center
  • a psychiatric technician at a state mental hospital
  • an information counselor at a drug or mental health hotline