Earn an Online Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

If you plan on joining the workforce directly after graduation, then pursuing an online bachelor's in psychology may be a viable option. If you plan to continue to graduate school, carefully research online options because many will not be sufficient for admission to graduate programs.

Types of degrees

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) offer more liberal arts courses so that you will have an opportunity to explore other disciplines along with psychology. The BA is preferable if you want to continue your studies in graduate school.
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in psychology has more science and mathematics courses, so you will spend more time learning research methods. The BS is a better choice if you want to start a technical career as soon as you graduate.

Admissions requirements

Undergraduate admissions requirements vary by institution. Be sure to carefully research any admissions requirements before applying to a program.

Length of study

A bachelor’s degree in psychology typically requires students to complete about 120 credit hours. Most students finish bachelor’s degrees in psychology in 4 years.


Although exact course requirements will vary by program, most undergraduate psychology programs require students to complete core psychology courses including:

  • statistics
  • experimental psychology
  • abnormal psychology
  • elective courses, which could include classes like consumer psychology, social processes and human performance


The school should be accredited by an institution recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The best online psychology programs will also be accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). (The APA only accredits doctoral programs, but schools with this accreditation typically have high-quality undergraduate psychology programs.)

Job possibilities

If you want to work in the field of psychology after completing your bachelor's degree, these are jobs for which you might be qualified:

  • case manager
  • career counselor
  • rehabilitation specialist
  • psychiatric technician

Student perspective: Online bachelor's in psychology

An Interview with Amy Dodson

Amy Dodson

Graduate, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Ashford University

“The most important study tip that I can offer another online student is to stay organized. At the beginning of a new class, you should sit down and look at the syllabus. Plan your own schedule out so that you can look ahead and anticipate when you will have deadlines. This will keep you from procrastinating and will help you to turn things in on time.”

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