Hi there! At PsychologyDegreeOnline.net, we hope you enjoyed your visit! We want to use this Disclosure page to carefully explain how this site is funded.

1. To begin with, we have partnerships with online schools (such as Kaplan). We create "sponsored links" throughout this website that take the reader to form page where they can submit personal information to the schools and receive details about the school's program.

2. Whenever a reader fills out these forms, we receive compensation from the sponsored school. This, in a way, is an affiliate commission.

3. Whenever we create these "sponsored links" on the website, we do our best to make it clear it's sponsored. One primary area is on the homepage, where we have four sponsored schools listed near the top.

4. If at any time you are confused about a type of link, please use our contact page to ask us and we'll clarify. We aren't trying to confuse anyone here!

Here are some of our sponsored schools. Please note these links go simply to their website, not to a form page 🙂